About Counselling


Counselling is a talking therapy where a trained therapist will listen to you and help you explore ways to manage emotional problems, it offers a safe confidential space to work through your difficulties.

Counselling allows time in your week where you will be listened to in an empathic, non judgemental way.

During the process of counselling, you will be helped to understand yourself on a deeper level, noticing things that may otherwise sit outside your awareness. You will also have your feelings validated, allowing them to be processed.

What I Offer

I am a trained counsellor offering a calm and quiet space for you to explore the areas of your life you wish to focus on. I aim to help you feel comfortable, so you can talk about sensitive and difficult issues at a pace that you feel comfortable with, you will be supported to work through your difficulties and move towards living a more fulfilled life.

I am trained as an integrative counsellor, this means that I combine different elements of counselling theory to suit the needs of each individual client.

I have experience working with: