In-Person Counselling

I offer in-person counselling appointments at my practice in Clifton Village Bristol. Appointments can be held during the evenings or daytime and last for fifty minutes. Sessions are typically held weekly on the same day and time; I can offer flexible appointments for those not able to arrange a fixed weekly appointment.

Parking is available on a pay and display basis in the village from 9am – 9pm Monday to Saturday.

Online Counselling

Online counselling is available and delivered via webcam, email or voice only. Online counselling can be beneficial for people who prefer to express themselves in the written word or those whose circumstances make it difficult to attend in-person counselling.

Online counselling is not suitable for everyone.  For example, people who are having regular suicidal thoughts, or feel at risk to themselves, or people at risk of harm from others.  To ensure that online counselling can be safe and effective for you, a full assessment will take place before we start working together.

Webcam and Voice Only Counselling

We will agree an appointed time each week to meet via webcam or for voice only sessions.  I use Zoom as a platform. Each session lasts 50 minutes and is an opportunity for you to discuss issues you wish to work through.

Email Counselling

We will correspond weekly and agree on an appointment day each week where you send me an email that outlines the issues you wish to discuss. I will read and respond to your email within 48 hours of receiving it.  All emails will be sent via Protonmail as this is a safe, encrypted and free email service.